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Book Review: “Lessons from China” by Beau Sides

strategic learnerThis book made me want to pack my bags and head out into the unknown of another culture in another place on the globe …–John Smith

Two Novels Mix Fact and Fiction to Build Bridges

Two novels mix fact and fiction to build new bridges

Fiction is a great way to explore reality. Two new books take on the priceless value of person-to-person relationships between Americans and Chinese using the tools of imagination and poetic license and manage to paint pictures that reveal deep-seated truths.

In Lessons from China: A Westerner’s Cultural Education by Beau Sides (Rutledge Publishing, 2014), a young woman moves to China to teach English, only to discover that she has plenty of lessons of her own to learn. Through her innocence and sense of humor, she manages to bring into focus similarities and differences that bind East and West across a vast geography.


voaQ&A: First Impressions of China for First-time Visitors

“The first visit to China for most Westerners is likely an experience for which they are not fully prepared. Now, there is literary help; Lessons from China…”


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